The Stars Early Wednesday Morning

Wednesday, October 4, 2023.
the sun had obeyed the meridian
was rising later;
the sky was dark,
well before first light;
there were no clouds:
only the street light
next door’s outdoor light
impacted my night vision
there were more stars
than i had seen in at least a year.
Venus, Regulus, Sirius, Jupiter
spoke to me
i returned to when
the skies filled the heavens
like lights on a Christmas tree
only doubled or tripled up,
a wonderful sight
i only saw at sea
like the Indian Ocean
oh so many years ago
when i would take a break
from my tasks as number two,
walk out to the weather decks,
stand at the safety rail,
looking skyward
thinking not of the stars
of you,
glorious, beautiful you
so, so right
for me.

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