Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings

“I have just completed a most marvelous journey and I wish to thank you for taking me with you! What a well-crafted narrative. I now truly believe you when you say, “I’d rather be driving ships”. This book was much more than a chronological narrative. Who knew that an “old salt” SWO could gain satisfaction and much more from a tour on a tender. You deserve a “Literature ‘E’. BZ.”
— Marty Linville, Maj., USA (retired), Awarded Silver Star for his service in Vietnam.

Marty Linville, Maj., USA (retired)

“I have now immortalized CAPT Boyle’s admonishment regarding the inclusion of female personnel on board the USS Yosemite: “We don’t have men on board this ship; we don’t have women on board this ship. We have sailors aboard this ship. And we are going to act like that.” Oh how I wish there was a Chief in the US Border Patrol that would have enunciated that same sentiment about Border Patrol Agents back in 1975 when I entered on duty and began knocking on that impervious glass ceiling…All in all, my friend, a great read, wonderful insights into a sliver of naval history, all sprinkled with valuable management lessons.”
— Chris Davis, retired Border Patrol executive.

“My tour in Yosemite was my most rewarding and far away my favorite. BZ! You did a great job as XO and as the author of this most interesting book.”
— Francis J. Boyle, Captain, USN (retired)

Francis J. Boyle, Captain, USN (retired)

A Pocket of Resistance

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