A Brief Musing on Thursday Morning

i awoke, did my morning chores, and i was taking the cat litter box leavings out to the trash when it hit me:

i am not going to root first for any particular teams in the major league baseball playoffs. My number one rooting platform dawned me this morning as i scanned the sports headlines and learned all four playoff series were sweeps., i.e. four wildcard teams had swept the other four. That meant the owners and the networks lost four games of revenue. i then added up how many games would not be played if all of the series were sweeps. The total number is twenty-one games would not be played.

i’m rooting for every series in the playoffs are sweeps.

That’s what i’m rooting for: that the four division series are won in five games series, the two league series are won in four games, and the world series is one in four games. Along with the four games already not played that number is twenty-one. 21!

That my friends is a chunk of change lost.

i think these owners and the networks televising the playoffs don’t need anymore money, and might consider quit changing rules of what was once a beautiful sport for four to seven games in October. Nah, that ain’t gonna happen. Those coin counters aren’t going to let that happen.

Go, Sweeps, Go.

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