Sassy, A Sunshine Twin

In 1958, although it could have been in the autumn of 1957, there was this neat young girl who was a “Sunshine Twin.”

Somewhere i have the playscript to prove it. i couldn’t find it in my bookshelf tonight, but i know it’s there somewhere.

It all happened in the second year of Lebanon Junior High School in the old high school building. Mrs. Burton, the new principle and one of the sweetest ladies i have ever known, decided the to put on the 8th Grade Class Play. She picked “The Sunshine Twins,” which was long, long before Blaine and Brittany, whoever the hell they are.

Sarah Ward was the female twin. i know because this goofy guy, even then a goofy guy, was picked to be the male twin. We were a hit, at least in my mind. i laugh when i think of Henry Harding and Marcia Emmert being cast as our parents.

Nobody knew Sarah as “Sarah.” She was a sassy “Sassy:” smart, cute, fun. Her twin? Well, i think sometimes he was fun. Goofy guys running around with Sassy Ward must have had a bit of fun in them.

Sassy returned to “Sarah.” She is Sarah Ward Jaeger and lives in Huntsville, Alabama. She caught up with her twin today, turning 78.

Now, there are a whole lot of things i’ve done in my life of which i’m proud.¬† Then there are some things¬† i’ve done that don’t quite fit in that category.

But let me tell you, being the Sunshine Twin of Sassy Ward, remains one of the highest compliments i’ve had in my time.

Happy Birthday, Twin.

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