Sunshine Indeed

It is Sunday afternoon. The “Super Bowl” has just begun its (for Anne Donnell) telecast.

i am not watching, not for all of the political positions that have been taken to not watch, nor for my own curmudgeondry (yes, Anne, i made it up), but because i don’t think there is anything “super” about it, there is no “bowl” in sight, and i am not enamored with any half-time show that doesn’t have marching bands, especially if half-time runs longer than normal games.

So i had to have something to do…since i’m not watching the non super non bowl (sounds like an Asian dish). You see, i completed my penultimate review of my manuscript for Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings: An Executive Officer’s Memoir last night, and moved the photos to a thumb drive to forward to my editor, the wonderful Jennifer McCord, tomorrow. All the rest of my work will be on getting it published and sold to the amount i don’t lose money.

i have about 7,896, 431 tasks on my to-do list. Yet today, i feel like i’m in a vacuum with nothing to do. When i finally took on one of those tasks, i went maximum lethargic. Just not into it.

So, i went into my office to find a book on Ulysses S. Grant for Maureen. As i reached for it, i noticed on the shelf directly above it proof. Sunshine.

The cover is gone. i had scotched taped the entire cover, but it is a bit old and the cover disappeared in those 64 years. Still, it’s proof: Sassy and i were twins.


And on the next page, Mrs.Burton, i think, wrote the names of each actor by their character on the cast list:

i find the descriptions of the characters amusing:

Jim Jewell: Gabby Robinson
…………………………………………….proof that trouble never comes singly
Sarah Ward: Connie Robinson

i understand how i was selected for Gabby but i’m also proof trouble sometimes comes singly; i don’t think Sassy has ever been trouble for anyone.

Marcia Emmert: Mrs. Robinson…a bundle of nerves.

i cannot imagine Marcia with “a bundle of nerves.”

LeRoy Dowdy: Glen Robinson…true blue, though slightly “red”

If there was ever anyone who is true blue, it would be Lee Dowdy; “Red” is certainly off base.

Elaine Davis: Mrs. Ellis…has a nursery for sale.

i wonder where Elaine is. After all, she wore my ring around her neck.

Sharry Baird: Norma Robinson…hollywood bound.

She could have been had she wanted to.

Henry Harding: Clint Robinson…head of the clan

He was always my father in plays, dos amigos who called each other to ensure our outfits matched.

Beverly Hughes: “Bebe” Prather…who refuses to stay put.

But she did and Buddy Phillips was glad she did.

Andy Berry: Vail Porter…whose money gets in the way

i don’t think anything ever got in Andy’s way enough to stop him, and he broke the curve in Vanderbilt Chemistry 101, which gave me a “D” instead of a “C.”

Clinton Matthews: Leo Prather…a lamb who learns to roar

Clint roared on the basketball court like a lion, and it was so much fun to pass him the ball on a fast break and watch him go to work.

Laurene Smith: Pauline Doyle…a talent scout but a “good scout” nevertheless

Always pretty. And yes, Laurene was a good scout.

Yeh, i think i prefer my memories of The Sunshine Twins to a not so super not so bowl, even as Maureen watches in the other room, primarily for the commercials and half-time show. Now if the Texas A&M Military Marching Band or any band with Townley Johnson as the drum major and i would be all over it.

But where is Alan “the Horse” Ameche when i need him?

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Indeed

  1. Pretty amazing not just that you saved this but that you found it. I love the descriptions too and now realize it was an all-star cast! Three of them are no longer with us, but I remember them as dear friends. I assure you that I have been in my share of trouble so I feel our casting as double trouble was accurate. I think our secret was that we both appeared so innocent. Thanks for posting this. Your Sunshine Twin

  2. I half watched because the Bengals (pronounced “been gals” not “bang els”) defeated the Titans, so i was cheering for them. The halftime show was a bust. No music, just mumbling and crotch grabbing. Not for me.

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