Chick (?) Flicks

i just had this thought wander into this somewhat messed up brain. My following thoughts were 1) i shouldn’t post this, 2) Since i am going to once again forego following a wise thought and post this, i hope Maureen can take a joke.

It has been a good day in the rain. i minimized  the amount of rainfall in a Facebook post earlier. It wasn’t. Maureen has been working on some felting magic project most of the day. Sarah was at work. i continued on the second draft of my book, realizing what a huge undertaking it was to get it right and escaping with another post i will add later. Now, i’m working in my office while Maureen is finishing another gourmet meal.

When she works and cooks, she watches about 4,678 movies on a continual repeat wheel. Her favorites are those movies with Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, and Alex Baldwin.

Tonight, i got in trouble.

i have watched a number of “chick flicks” with her, enjoyed them. Really.

Tonight, it dawned on me the ones she watched the most were those with the older actors and actresses.

So, being me, i asked her tonight why “chick flicks” with older actors and actresses weren’t  called “hen flicks.’

She hasn’t spoken to me yet.

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