The Elephants in the Room

i am posting this here because i wanted to make it available for everyone i know. My entry when i shared my brother’s post on Facebook is included.

Once more, thank you, Joe.

Thank you, Brother. i wanted to add my thoughts, not only about my sadness over where my church is headed, but how our country, our world are in the grass below the elephants. But Donald Haynes writes it all better than i could, and if he chose to add his words, Joe would go deeper and more accurately into the problem. i hope those who read this, think and contemplate how they might change for better facing and solving this problem. i am sad, deeply sad. Thanks again, Joe.

1 thought on “The Elephants in the Room

  1. A well written and factual representation of what most of the traditional churches ( Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran Etc. are experiencing today.

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