Perhaps it’s my age.  My hackles are up. i am a curmudgeon. i am not liberal or conservative. i like to think i’m for common sense. i’ve been called, quite correctly, a contrarian. But it’s time for me to make some comments about stupid.

i did not send the below to Navy’s “Morale, Welfare, and Recreation” organization in San Diego: think stupid bureaucracy that has forgot its mission. i think it’s indicative of our lack of commons sense and critical thinking, which has caused  many problems we have.

So i’m posting the text of my letter never sent just to be public about my frustration:

Commanding Officer, MWR

Last Wednesday, July 24, I went to the pro shop of the Admiral Baker Golf Course to punch my card for a round and pay for a riding cart. As I handed my twenty-dollar bill to the attendant, I was informed the facility was now “cashless” and would only take credit and debit cards.

On Friday, July 26, I played my usual round at North Island’s Sea ‘n Air Golf Course. After finishing our 18 holes, I bought a pitcher of beer for our group of seven players. A brightly colored sign on the club house bar announced this facility would be “cashless effective 15 August.

I recognize the methods of payment of goods, services, and debts have changed greatly over the years, but I try to minimize the amount of charges I pay with credit or debit cards. I also believe in the sanctity of our financial system founded during the presidency of George Washington and his Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. The wise people of that era established an incredible system that allowed our country to become more prosperous beyond anyone’s imagination.

On each bill of currency established back then and still in existence today is the statement:

“This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

With this in mind, I wonder why a government institution would demand a system of payment that undermines the currency of our country.

If I understand this correctly, if I should arrive at either Navy golf facility in San Diego with no credit cards, I will not be allowed to play because I have no credit or debit cards with me, only cash, I will not be allowed to play.

Or perhaps, since these facilities will be incapable of recognizing or accepting legal tender, I would be allowed to play for free.

Please advise.

The would have accused me of disrespect had i sent this i know. That’s what they have done with my past frustrated  submissions.

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