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A Child to Love

She was beautiful when she was born. Of course, i suspect nearly every parent thinks their child is beautiful at the infant stage. But she truly was beautiful.

She has grown up well. She is a successful career woman, She is one of the two best parents my grandson could possibly have. She cares for people and animals.

i was going to wax poetic, or as poetic as i can wax and started a long piece about her growth from those first beautiful days until the current beautiful days. But i decided she wouldn’t appreciate that, and i could always make an error.

So here are some of my memories of my beautiful (inside and out) daughter:

Uncle Snooks loved her.
She loved Snooks of Joy.









Her mother loved and still loves her with no bounds.
Her dad stills has an unconditional love for her.
They went to Hawaii








They went to the Petrified Forest.
She flew to Seattle to vacation with her dad (one of his best times ever).
She met her other mother and went sailing in the Southwest corner.









Then she got married to the best father my grandson could ever have.
Then she gave birth to the most wonderful grandson a papa could have.
And she loves her mother.
And they live a good life in Austin.
And she still makes me happy like she always did, only in different ways now.

Happy 47th Birthday, my dear Blythe.