steel decks and glass ceilings

About my book

This website continues to be updated. i hope i and Walker Hicks , the brains behind this website being as good as it is, plan to have the update complete by the first of next week. Then, there will be a page for comments about my book, Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings. But i wanted to share three comments from good folks who have read it:

I have just completed a most marvelous journey and I wish to thank you for taking me with you! What a well crafted narrative. I now truly believe you when you say, “I’d rather be driving ships”. This book was much more than a chronological narrative. Who knew that an “old salt” SWO could gain satisfaction and much more from a tour on a tender. You deserve a “Literature ‘E’. BZ. — Marty Linville, Maj., USA (retired), Awarded Silver Star for his service in Vietnam.

My tour in Yosemite was my most rewarding and far away my favorite. BZ! You did a great job as XO and as the author of this most interesting book. — Francis J. Boyle, Captain, USN (retired) and the Commanding Officer of the USS Yosemite.

I have now immortalized CAPT Boyle’s admonishment regarding the inclusion of female personnel on board the USS Yosemite: “We don’t have men on board this ship; we don’t have women on board this ship. We have sailors aboard this ship. And we are going to act like that.” Oh how I wish there was a Chief in the US Border Patrol that would have enunciated that same sentiment about Border Patrol Agents back in 1975 when I entered on duty and began knocking on that impervious glass ceiling.. a great read, wonderful insights into a sliver of naval history, all sprinkled with valuable management lessons. — Chris Davis, Border Patrol Officer, executive level, retired.

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