Walk on the Beach

the beach was wide and long,
a perfect place for the beach goers
to gambol in the surf and white sand,
sunny, warm, romantic
not today,
no, not today.
today is bleak, not cold like
east coast cold,
overcast, cool, misty,
the older couple walk next to the surf,
holding hands;
the man, older than his woman,
has begun to show a bit of a shuffle;
life has begun to look like the beach,
not the sunny, gamboling place for frolic
bleak, harsh winds,
overcast, cool, misty;
even in his sea time years before,
he always thought this type of sea day
was beautiful,
enchanting in its own way
he had coaxed her into their walk today;
their love no longer held the passion
of earlier days,
replaced by something more permanent:
togetherness, eternal togetherness,
the strongest love of all
walking in the bleak overcast, cool, misty,
they remembered,
yes, they remembered
they would not forget.

4 thoughts on “Walk on the Beach

  1. A beautiful homage to the relationship that goes through stages of change but always holds fast to the everlasting synchronized love and goals.

  2. Touching and emotional…beautiful words put together with skill to move hearts. Thank you for sharing it.

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