Two Poems

Interesting thoughts in the middle of the night: Like many things i end up writing, i don’t have a clue as from where the first one came. i’m not going to expound on what and how they occurred, but i will say the first, the angry one came first, and the second was created by Maureen, giving me a feel good to meet the day.

Hush Your Mouth

hush your mouth, man (woman)
i don’t want to hear
how bad you’ve got it
how awful it is
how the world is going to hell
how other folks are using abusing you
how you are going to fix it all
with no regard to the fall out
of your fix

i can tell you things you’ve never known
things that would make your hair fall out
i can tell you of times when it was worse
i can tell you how so many folks have tried
their fix
resulting in
what we have now
i know you would not listen
would not learn
would not accept any thought
that would conflict with your version
of wrong
and how you are going to fix it
with no regard for history
i will say nothing
it would do no good
hush your mouth.


we awoke almost at the same time
earlier than we desired
we both shuffled about
to get more comfortable
attempting to return to slumber
we lay quiet
i moved again
my hand touched hers
we clasped hands as we have
over a million times
in lo these many years
i felt as if i were recharged
like that small, damnable
electronic wonder
over on the nightstand
with its electric plug
i felt, knew i was ready to go
meet the day
i arose
once again
she had recharged me.

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