Sunset, Veteran’s Day

It is Veteran’s Day.

Sunset actually. i’m sitting on our patio with this view:

Mr. Martin, aka Bombay martini, and i are discussing the day.

It was a good day. i got a lot done. Completed the garden maintenance and most of the replanting. Cleaned up the grill. Posted what i thought was a hilarious post. Cleaned up some files, and, of course, took a nap. My dear bride brought home an unexpected surprise, pimento cheese spread.

So, Martin and i sat here contemplating if we should climb the slope to actually see the sun set. There’s always a slim chance of catching a green flash. But i’m settled in, and if i were to ascend the slope, i would be likely to spill Martin. That would be a shame. So we sat here and discussed things.

i thought about posting more photos of veterans to honor them but decided to stop. You see, i suspect most of us who are still around are just a bit embarrassed with the attention. Like me. My time in the Navy spanned 27 years with credit for just over 22 because i took time out to chase being the follow-on to Fred Russell and Grantland Rice.

My decisions to get in and then back in weren’t quite so noble. Facing an unexpected 1A — i wonder how many people know what that term means — i worked to get into Navy OCS rather than being a ground pounder in Vietnam. Then, getting back in was primarily a financial decision to ensure security for my wife and child on the way.

Oh, there were hard times, hard times. There was some sweat, some danger, and lots and lots of fun and satisfaction. Oh, by the way, i did fall in love with the sea and being a mariner. i also found satisfaction in what i thought was being a pretty good leader.

i have held for a long time one of the best things that could positively impact our country is for everyone, after turning 18, spend two years in government service. It wouldn’t work today for that to be all military service, but i think the mixing with other folks from all walks of life, getting the feeling of being involved, maturing for another couple of years, and being held responsible would be good for all of us.

But hey, i don’t know what most of you folks apparently know.

So i will sit here with Martin, listening to Mozart’s Symphony 33, watching the skies darkening and the horizon’s pink fading into the Pacific deep.

To all of the veterans i have run across in my life, regardless of your reasons, putting your life on the line for our country has gained my lifelong respect.

God bless America.

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  1. What a great memory to share with us. I remember well your retirement party i didn’t attend 😄. I was the chosen one sit your beautiful wife while she slept most of the time waiting for Sarah to make her debut and you finally arrived to meet your daughter Sarah May whom Maureen lovingly referred to as “a cone head”
    Thanks for the memory Jim.

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