i am a pocket of resistance, especially to regulated days honoring something or someone. i have been a little bit lenient when it comes to Mother’s Day. In fact, i’ve written quite a bit about mothers on Mother’s Day. i like to think i celebrate the mothers in my life on a frequent, if not daily basis.

They all have been important to me. To be honest, some of these mothers and i have had our bad moments, mostly precipitated by me i suspect. But in the long run, they are mothers i loved and still love because they all had that incredible mother’s love that made things work out. i love them all.

Mama Jewell. She and i were in this world together for way too short a time. i can still feel her love for this grandson.






Granny Prichard. Her energy and strength during tough times and her love for her children and grandchildren were the cornerstones of an amazing family that stuck together and still sticks together.





Mother. Just yesterday, i walked outside through our kitchen door where there was one chair on the small patio. i could still see her sitting there with her head back and her eyes closed soaking in the Southwest corner sunshine. Her children and her grandchildren were her focus in life.




Aunt Bettye Kate Hall. i could write volumes about this woman. She was truly my second mother.






Then there was this other mother. We were divorced in 1978. i only agreed because i knew her love for our daughter was the most important thing in her life. i was right.





And this one. Oh, this one. She is the best mother and other mother going. Her love goes far beyond that. She loves her nieces, nephews, friends’ sons and daughters as if they are her own.



i could not end without one more of two of my mothers with their son/grandson.





i love you all.
















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