Mose Nailed It

Yesterday, we played nine afternoon holes of golf, took burgers from the clubhouse home for supper. We would have stayed and eaten there — after all, their clubhouse is my briar patch — but it was the cats feeding time. The Padre baseball game wouldn’t start for about two hours.

Planning to listen to the local weather report, which is never quite right, we ended up watching a snippet of news. Not my thing. Then, because we both were interested in hearing golfers talk about their game, we went to the golf channel with its coverage of the US Open. They had a tribute to Payne Stewart, a terrific golfer who died in a plane accident. It was well done. Then, Brandel Chamblee and four or five other “panelists” talked incessantly about how much they knew, describing the course, which is really irrelevant to playing it

Then the game came on. Being that watching the whole game is part of my religious vow, i did: walk off homer for my Padres in the bottom of the ninth. i prefer to listen to the announcers for the flavor of the game, but i’m getting close to swearing off. Don Orsillo, Mark Grant, and Bob Scanlan being som impressed with themselves and their useless information, including banter they thought was funny. They weren’t.

i sat there as the Padres’ catcher Kyle Higashioka leads off the bottom of the ninth inning with a “walk off home run,” which by the way, had nothing to do with what Kyle did: he didn’t sprint but his trot was closer to a run than a walk. However, anyone on the telly takes great liberty in exaggerating actuality.

i clicked off the electronics systems and sat there pensively. In 1976, Mose Allison nailed my evening of streaming. Every person who opened his mouth during my evening of watching perfectly fit Mose’s admonition in his song, “Your Mind Is On Vacation” (“but your mouth is working overtime).

Be sure and listen to the lyrics because it’s not just television where folks are nailed in Mose’s song:

Note: i have resorted to using YouTube. i have Mose’s album by the same name. i bought it when it came out. Jimmy Smith, my mentor, introduced Cy Fraser and me to Mose in 1963. But i am technically challenged and could not remember how to put that version here. With Walker Hicks, i will relearn how to do this.

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