The juggernaut of photo organization continues. i’m too stubborn to get a professional to do it, and i’m damn sure they couldn’t express what i feel about these. So, even if it isn’t possible to get these completed before 2384 when i will be 140 years old, i’m doing it my way, that is, haphazardly, the privilege of being an old curmudgeon. These two are special:

My buddy Ray with me and his daughter, my wife, in our first home on Red Oak Place, circa 1986-87. Man, i miss him.

And this one is an extra special memory, Maureen and i in my and JD Waits’ condo on Antigua Court in the Coronado Cays. JD’s 25-foot Cal sailboat sits outside in our boat slip. My shirt was likely a tee given to runners in a 10K somewhere. From our expressions, i could be attempting to get Maureen to watch Midget Wrestling reruns. It was 1982. We were not yet engaged.

Oh Lord, what a wonderful time in my life over the rainbow:

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