Me, Old Me

Mind you, i am in pretty decent shape for an old man. My friends, family, doc (yeh, yeh, now all of you folks are likely aware health insurance concerns need to make it more technically for legal purposes so they can charge exorbitant prices to keep me safe and them financially independent), and the specialists say, “You are in great shape for someone about to turn 80, but let’s make sure in my specialty,” so i go through incredible tests that some make a small fortune off of me and my insurance, and they all seem to point out i have something that could kill me tomorrow but i shouldn’t worry.

So i feel old, wondering if giving up a bunch of stuff i like in lifestyle, diet, physical regimen, and on and on and on would be worth it.

Then i played golf, Friday Morning Golf, which i’ve been playing with military friends since 1991, and played like…er, like i am damn near 80, and got home and felt old.

After a long nap and a shower, i sat down at this infernal machine. But i shuffled my music from my library, not all that stuff that some computer thinks i should like, and a perfect song for me pops up.

Thank you, Don Williams and the Pozo Seco Singers. i feel better now.

1 thought on “Me, Old Me

  1. Love that album. Love Don Williams. Great old time music. I well remember a cartoon I saw many years ago in re to your post – older gentleman getting dressed and doctor with clipboard in hand says, “Well, you’re in pretty good shape.” Patient responds, “You mean for a man my age.” Doctor: “No. For a Buick your age.”

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