i heard her footsteps

i heard her footsteps
she wasn’t there;
i turned to speak to her
she was gone;
the cats looked lost
her lap was missing
eyed me questioning
i put them up for the night;
oh, she’s only gone
for a couple of days,
a respite in Monterrey
with a friend;
‘twas too soon to pine,
too short to hurt;
it was downright scary
to be lonely;
over forty years,
love evolves;
infatuation, passion
pass with age
dependence on each other,
expectations grow;
we know each other
as well as our own palms;
that’s sometimes good,
sometimes not so good,
after forty years.
i can tell you
it can be downright scary
to be lonely.


1 thought on “i heard her footsteps

  1. This feeling is unique to each person and pet so the depth of longing is unique. But it is something that each individual will have to deal with it as best they can. One thing, however, is universal it’s definitely scary at some level.

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