Ho Hum: three eight

i could write a million posts about her. Have already put a crimp in that number.

i could retell legendary stories about how we met, what we have done, etc., etc. Pretty much covered that ground.

i could post about a gazillion photos of her, with or without me and with our daughters and grandson. Those photos too have had a chunk of ’em posted here.

Tomorrow is our three eight, anniversary that is. It remains remarkable to me how we met, how we kept together, how we became a husband and wife, and how, oh, lord, how we match up so well.

Tomorrow morning, we begin our celebration. Typical of Maureen, we will celebrate with our friends: the FMG, that’s Friday Morning Golf curmudgeons, all old male military guys at the Sea ‘n Air Golf Course. Amazingly, she will fit in. The finer, more intimate part of our acknowledgement of each other will be later for just the two of us. Special.

i am a lucky man.

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