What You Get for Not Moving, II

The restructuring continues and memories abound as i sort through the stuff i’m putting back in different places and for once, i’m actually tossing a few things away.

Timely, you might say, was yesterday’s reconnect. Nancy Orr Winkler Schwarze turned 80 yesterday. She is more of another sister than a cousin. Florida. She moved there from Red Bank in Chattanooga in the late 50’s. She’s been there ever since. She is a marvel. She is also beautiful.  My birthday wishes for you yesterday were perfunctory but heartfelt. i wish we could have been together like we were around the mid-40’s. In a much earlier post, i mentioned i was the first to be a dinner guest at her home in Florida in 1960. Being her first dinner for a visitor, we had about six courses. There was the meat, then the peas, then the potatoes, etc. or something like that. As always we had a wonderful laugh about that, and it has become a part of our family lore.

Happy Birthday, sister Nancy.


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