For all of you sports fanatics who live on the talking heads frenetic and nearly always inane analysis to feed on your frenzy, you may not wish to read further.

For those of you who like to watch a sports event for the thrill of watching an athletic contest, i have a recommendation:

It was just after the  beginning of the second half of the National Championship…oh, okay, it  was the media and a silly subjective idea of the two best college teams in the country playing with a lot of hype.

But it was fun.

It became even more fun when i made a fantastic discovery. i was almost throwing up listening to idiocy of Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler over analyzing and over hyping every bit of minutia they could milk in their own frenzy.

My moment of revelation long after Herbstreit had spoke of “physicality” incorrectly for 3,678,543 times in this game alone. Then when he complimented (i think it was a compliment) Bryce Young, Alabama’s  quarterback, for having “quick patience” (yes, yes, he actually said that and was serious), i gave up.

That’s when i entered a pretty nice world.

For the rest of the game, i hit mute on the remote after a tackle and just before the next snap or kickoff. i only had to listen to their frenzy while they described the play.

Pretty nice.

i think i’m gonna try it for the NFL interminable playoffs.

3 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. You are so right on about the breathless silliness, and worthlessness of the so-called play-by-play and “color” commentators at all televised sporting events – I could go on and on! And not just during the games but for hours and hours before the games and for hours and hours the day after – Oh, Lord!!! I’ll spare the rant. I get it. Fortunately as I’ve been working full time in hospital ER’s for over 45 years – and still am, I’ve learned to do without all the sports watching that I would otherwise do, and lately my hearing is so bad I cannot really follow what the hell they’re saying anyway! Not just sports, though, the incredible profusion of pundits, analysts, and “experts” on what seems like 30 different 24 hour, again, “so-called” news stations – it makes me SICK! Love your take on it.

  2. I just wish someone would tell them to shut it up. We are not so stupid we can’t tell for ourselves what’s going on. I mute too.

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