A Regretful Change

Since i began this website — with the help, and i mean help, of Walker Hicks for without him, there would be no jim jewell website — i have made the effort to respond to each comment on my posts with an email directly to the commenter, not with a response on the website.

My reasoning was i wanted to personally thank each individual for reading my posts, not simply reply in the comments section of my site, which, to me, is more like a broadcast thanks, not ensuring the responder would ever see it.

It has been pointed out to me i should respond on the site. It i likely to abet the responder to continue reading and commenting, which helps with my cloudy statistics for the site, which in turn, increasing my readership, according to the rules of the cloud. Well, since i’m still trying to break even (admittedly not trying too hard) on selling my book, Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings, those statistics may help.

It is obvious to me replying in both manners will eat into my time, and the older i get, the less time i have and the more time i need to get things done.

So if you make a comment on my posts, please check out my response to your comment, which is included after the posts. In my heart, it will still be a personal thanks to you, but not as direct. For that, i apologize.

6 thoughts on “A Regretful Change

  1. I didn’t realize that the comment was any different than the comment on the post. I’ve been commenting on the post because of my stroke I always have to edit before posting and it’s easier for me to do it on the Facebook page. I just wanted you to know that I NEVER miss your posts and comments. To me you are a star when it comes to the written word. Thank you for bringing Joy to my life. ❣️☘️

  2. Jim, don’t you worry about “thanking” us. You “thank” us every time you put your thoughts on the web. People who know you know the depth of your sincerity and thankfulness. Just keep going, Jim!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. Hope all is well in Ohio. We are going back to Newport, this time with Maureen in May. i will think of you.

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