Not Quite Murphy’s Law

This did not come from my Murphy’s Law Desk Calendar given to me each Christmas by my Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Pipey, followed by cousin Nancy, nigh onto thirty years and continued by me giving myself and others that glorious daily piece of wit and wisdom until, like all wonderful things, ceased annual production about three years ago.

This is one you may have heard before. It may have been included in my calendars long ago, not glued to some desk appointment calendar or “to do” notebook as i did while at sea, and then forgotten.

But it is in the right realm of wit and wisdom.

Nick Canepa, is the “columnist” for The San Diego Union-Tribune sports section. Nick has been around quite a while, not quite as long as me, but longer than me in the Southwest corner since he was born and raised in “Little Italy,” the old waterfront fishing community. Nick’s columns remind me of the old style of sports columns like Fred Russell (of course), Jim Murray, Red Smith, and i could go on, but Nick is a tad more acerbic and not quite as romantic as those old guys who wrote years ago. i don’t always agree with him, but i always enjoy reading his columns, and especially his Monday “report card” on the NFL team that used to be here, which Nick calls the “Judases” rather than the hapless Chargers.

In today’s column, he commented on the idea Adam Gase, the coach of the as hapless NY Jets losing to the Raiders in the final minutes, noting it was “Anthony Lynnnian.” Anthony Lynn is the coach of the hapless team that used to be in San Diego. Neither Lynn nor Gase are likely to be head coaches next year.

Nick summarized the situation with what should be included in the Murphy’s Law collection:

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

‘Nuff said.

1 thought on “Not Quite Murphy’s Law

  1. It was definitely a SMHSMH moment as was the UCLA/USC debacle. I’m texted to Timmy that I turned to my go-to refrain that I usually reserve for the Chargers:
    “Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory”. It truly was a football weekend that will go down in the annals history as a waste of good nap time.

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