Ode to the Sea

Ode to the Sea

i have been to the top of the highest mountain;
i have been to the hot dry desert;
i have been to ecstasy;
i have been to hell;
i have been to joy with no restraints;
i have been to the depths of sadness;
i have been in the belly of Rube Goldberg’s mechanics;
i have traveled with the Greek’s Homer;
i have been to the heavens;
i have ridden Aladdin’s magic carpet;
i have talked to nature;
i have been captured by a siren.

it was on the sea:

the mountain was my ship on the crest of a wave higher than the sky;
the driest and hottest desert was in the South China Sea in the doldrums;
ecstasy was the sea walking the path of light from the moon, taking my heart;
unrestrained joy was the sea beneath me carrying me to the islands of dreams;
depths of sadness was the sea taking me away from loved ones: “mid-cruise blues;”
Rube had to be involved with creating the steam system of a destroyer;
i traveled the Mediterranean to most of Odysseus points in his voyage home;
hell was storms with green water over the bridge,
spume obliterating the deep green of the ocean,
rolls to the point of no return;
fire in main control;
Aladdin’s carpet could not compare with riding waves at 35 knots on rolling waves;
“Gertrude,” the underwater telephone, let me talk to the whales who talked back;
my siren was the sea
calling me,
calling me,
still calling me.



2 thoughts on “Ode to the Sea

  1. Though I was born just yards from the Pacific and for a brief time lived in the Midwest (which I will never do again) and quickly realized that I could not live another moment where I was more than 5 minutes from a view of the sea. But after reading your ode to your relationship with the ocean I also realized that my relationship is a flirtatious acquaintance. Your talent with the written word took the readers on a journey to the part of you that is not visible but is the essance of the wonderful man we all love💕

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