The Other Father

i have written a lot about my father.

He was a good man. i respected and loved him. He reciprocated love and respect for every human being he met. i will post the poem about him that he not only liked but after reading it for the first time, he asked, “How did you know all of those things about me?”

But this is about another father in my life: the father of my grandson.

i never stop being amazed at how lucky i am to have Jason Gander as a son-in-law. When he married my daughter Blythe, i made my toast at the reception and noted their love for each other was similar to the love of one of the most incredible marriages that i knew: my parents, Blythe’s grandparents. i was not wrong. The two relationships are different in many ways but very much alike in the most important ways of love, understanding each other, and patience.

But that’s not the reason for this post on Father’s Day. Jason is undoubtedly the best father grandson Sam could have. i don’t gush about a lot of things. There’s Maureen, who occasionally produces that gush of feeling about our love. There’s that gush of love and happiness when either two of my daughters do something spectacular, which is often. And of course, anytime i hear from or get information about Samuel James Jewell Gander — and it is appropriate to point out today the “James Jewell” in his name is for my father, not me: perfect — i gush all over myself at what a terrific young man Sam is. i called him the unifier of a nuclear family when he was born, and he still is.

Jason, you are amazing.

…oh, and thanks.

Happy Father’s Day.

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