Southwest Corner Winter

This was going to be a long post with numerous photos of the Southwest corner in the “winter.”

For us, it has been a pretty tough winter (he wrote with tongue in cheek). i went through nearly a whole cord of firewood. Usually, i fall a bit short with a half cord. It was cooler but i have friends in Vermont and Maine who might shoot me if i called it cold. We actually had frost once or twice and there were a handful of days it only reached 60 degrees. Wet too. For us. We got about four inches thus far this year. But it was cloudy a lot.

This of course is a problem. Dry country. Fire danger. ’nuff said.

i really shouldn’t be doing this as  i have tasks to do and golf to play.

So here is a photo that captures what amazed my father about our winters:

It is a view of Mount Miguel on my morning walks/hikes. Daddy was always tickled that it is green here in the winter and brown in the summer.

Although this was at the very end of winter, it is a representative view of the slope in our back yard. Maureen and our gardener did this after i had implored to redo the slope in the manner of the much smaller slope at our previous home:

To paraphrase Phil Harris: That’s what i like about the Southwest…corner.


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