Morning Thoughts

When i retrieved the newspaper from out front this Sunday morning and read the front page headlines, i recalled Dave Carey, my friend, business associate, and former POW, telling a group of seminar attendees of one Sunday morning, years ago, when his incredible late wife Karen asked him if he would like to read the paper.

Dave asked Karen if she found some good news in the paper to read it to him. She couldn’t find any good news.

i think that is one reason i am weaning myself off news entirely. “News” today is almost always biased. There appears to be no effort to write good news except for fuzzy stuff that makes us feel good at the end of a newscast or is buried in the middle pages of a newspaper, but of little consequence.

It occurred to me people, no matter how we categorize them or lump them together that category or lump contains the same kind of people that are in the other group.

Each grouping has good folks and bad folks. All the groups pretty much cover the waterfront on the degree of good and bad they have in them. There have folks who follow and support the good. They have folks who support the bad. They have a whole bunch of folks in the middle who can sway either way depending  on the time and the situation.

That kind of group composition has existed throughout the history of man.

We are no different today except technology has allowed stupid to expand exponentially.

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