No Starry Night, Only Calm

After i wrote my last, i promise, post about our country’s challenges, i fired up the “egg” grill knock off. Maureen and i, in a rare moment, collaborated on our halibut dinner. She did the tough stuff: the gourmet sauce and magic butter dish for the fish, the asparagus, and of course, another of her incredible salads, along with the bread she somehow finds to match a meal perfectly.


i monitored the grill, greased up what was necessary, turned on my iPod bluetooth for old time music, and waited patiently in what we call in paradise weather as cold (about sixty degrees), finally putting the fish on the grill for a few moments.

i turned on my “Sky Guide” to study the heavens’ constellations, planets, and stars as the charcoal fired up to fish cooking level. There were high clouds in anticipation of a front coming through tomorrow. The starry constellations were obscure. i could not find Venus, but i found Mars. It was dim below the waxing crescent moon. Directly underneath was my ensign…er, flag at the crest of our hill. i could barely make out the stars and stripes, vowing to add some more light. It was a pleasing feeling to look up at it and forward to whatever happens next:









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