A Different Take

Recently, i exchanged FB messages with a close friend from back home. Jane Couch Boyer now lives in Philadelphia. She’s a huge Philadelphia Flyer fan, and from our exchanges, i believe she leans toward conservative. She is also a well-thought person who seeks facts for her decision making. i like her a lot.

i planned to copy that exchange here and received Jane’s permission to do so. i wrote a fairly long piece explaining my thoughts.

i tossed it, the explanation and our message exchange.

You see, i am once again caught in the middle. i see the need and even the logic of the more reasonable arguments on both sides of “The Wall” issue.

i will not make my opinion about the politics of the situation public. i will be more than willing to have a one-on-one discussion on the subject with anyone who is reasonable and will listen to other’s opinions with an open mind. Like Jane.

But i am out of that business and almost forgot.

So my argument is not political.

i am only addressing what seems obvious to me.

Here is what i think about the whole brouhaha which is causing much more bad of everything than it’s worth:

A “Wall” will not keep the bad guys out. They have proven they will figure out a way to do their dirty deeds.

A “Wall” will not come close to costing $5 Billion. Having some experience on both sides of government contracting, the cost will be at least three to five times that figure.

And personally, the idea of a wall brings to my mind another wall in Germany. Yes, it was to keep people in, not out, but the idea of creating a symbol of limiting personal freedom is objectionable to me.

There are good reasons for and against “The Wall.” i can see the logic of both.

And folks, i’m within days of living here three-quarters of a century. i’m tired of rigidity. i’m sad my friends can’t communicate and resolve real problems when both have good points.

And i want to live the rest of my life living a good life, not reacting to the crazy, illogical current state of politics.

i plan to do that. Thank you, Jane for allowing me to consider the situation and review my opinion. For everyone else:

Have at it.




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