No, not my Aunt Fran, Maureen’s maternal aunt. She was a pistol. And you didn’t want to cross her. But her legends are for a future tale.

About two weeks ago — i’m not sure exactly how the chain of information evolved between my wife and my daughter — i think my daughter told my wife about this Fran. They watched one of streaming series featuring this Fran.

The series is on Netflix. It’s called “Pretend It’s a City.” It is a collaborated project of Fran and Martin Scorsese.

We are halfway through the series. i remain amazed. Her name is Fran Lebowitz. She is New York, and in many ways, she captures my thoughts. More importantly, she makes me laugh.

You don’t have to be from the city to identify.

i’m not writing this to add some of my thoughts to her comments. i’m just recommending you watch someone who is wonderful in a different way.

Thanks, Fran and Martin.

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  1. I love all your stuff but was struck by your reference to Fran Lebowitz who is also a person I admire. I recently saw a clip of her being interviewed on – hmmm, I think it was the Johnny Carson show – back in the late 70’s. In any case she was obviously a very young version of Fran Lebowitz then and she said something I thought was very funny. Even in those long ago Walter Cronkite days when facts were facts and “That’s the way it was,” she said she hated the news, basically never watched it, because she figured if anything important actually happened, her mother would call her! She was a very pretty girl all the way back then, by the way.

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