Blonde Joke

Evelyn Drummond is one of my favorite people. She worked with Maureen as “account executives” at Parron Hall Office Interiors.

Evelyn is a blonde. A natural blonde. She loves blonde jokes.

Carl works at the pro shop at North Island’s Sea ‘n Air golf course. He is a great guy.

After our round on Friday while, per tradition, the curmudgeons sat on the patio with our traditional pitcher of beer, Carl approached us and told us a joke.

It was a great blonde joke…unless of course, you are one of those people who are super sensitive to words, phrases, and jokes you consider offensive and politically incorrect.

i read in the newspaper this morning, a new semi-pro baseball team in the Adirondacks is changing its nickname from “River Pigs” because some local folks, who are apparently super sensitive and politically correct to the point of stupid objected: “River Pigs” was the term used for loggers who were expert at breaking up logjams on the rivers, a very impressive and dangerous kind or work, and they took pride in their work and liked the moniker of “River Pigs.” But not those over sensitive folks in the Adirondacks. Oh no.

But when i heard Carl’s joke, i knew i had to retell it to Evelyn. i imagined her laughing that great laugh:

There is the blonde who walks into a library and comes up to the receptionist’s counter.

The blonde loudly explains, “I WANT A BIG MAC, AN ORDER OF FRIES, AND A LARGE COKE.”

The astounded and alarmed librarian quietly asks, “Can’t you see this is a library?”

The blonde looks around to see the shelves of books, pauses, and whispers, “i want a big mac, an order of fries, and a large coke.”

Enjoy, Evelyn.

2 thoughts on “Blonde Joke

  1. Took me a minute to get it but it reminds me of an actual event. The company, that my wife worked for, sent their “gofer” man (an immigrant), to get some light bulbs. They told him to go to McDonald’s (a local lighting company), to make the purchase. He was gone for a couple of hours. When he returned they asked what took so long. Turns out that he stood in line for some length of time and when he finally gave his order he was told, “We don’t sell light bulbs, we only sell burgers.”

  2. Hi Jim,
    You are one of my favorite people too. It was strange to see my name as I’m reading your posts.
    Great joke. I was laughing in the chiropractor’s office while waiting for Mark.

    Did you hear about the blonde that found out she was pregnant? She looked at her doctor with a questionable face and said, “Is it mine?”
    Have a great weekend.
    Love ya,

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