The Good (Sean) and the Ugly (DawgOutWest)

Several days ago, i stumbled upon a link to a “Dawg Sports” article entitled “Why I Hate Vanderbilt” written by “DawgOutWest,” an obvious alias (or whatever they call them nowadays) to keep the author from revealing who he really is. i think…no, i hope he was trying to be funny. He wasn’t. His article was ignorant, and mean. i guess that is required to be a fan of a particular college football team. i mean who would want anyone to know their name if what they were writing reads like they are an idiot.

i kept thinking i should respond but also kept putting it off.

i root for all SEC football teams because that is where i’m from and i grew up on that football. i root for Tennessee every game except when they play Vanderbilt because i grew up idolizing triple threat tailback Johnny “The Drum”Major and fullback Tom Bronson, and later the Canale brothers, George, Frank, and Whit in the early 60’s. Of course, Vanderbilt is my hope, not only because i went there, but because i think they are trying to be competitive and win the right way, or as the late and very special Vanderbilt Vice Chancellor for Athletics said, “The Vandy Way.”

i don’t demean other schools or their fans except, of course, when i run into someone going over the top in stupid.

i’m just sad that such yahoos as DawgOutWest feel it’s a good thing to be irresponsibly negative about other schools, apparently believing this makes him a good fan of his (or her) college football team.

Then this morning as usual i read Sean Dietrich’s post. i share it here primarily because it is funny . His anecdote about the Georgia and Auburn football fans sparked me to finally make my response to DawgOutWest’s article.

i have included the link to Sean’s post”

Thank  you, Sean.

For those of you who are over the top Georgia Bulldog fans or wish to read something mean and stupid, i have included the DawgSports article as well:

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  1. I too cheer for all the SEC teams until they play Vanderbilt. I have been a Vandy fan seeming forever. Maybe i empathized. Who knows. I love Vandy baseball, Vandy basketball (men and women’s), Vandy tennis, Vandy bowling, Vandy golf. I wish they had a softball team! Anyway that reminds me of a church member who asked me,”don’t you get tired of the Titans never making it to the playoffs?” I said, “Heck no! I’ve been a Vandy fan since grade school. I’m used backing a team that plays hard but doesn’t win all the time. Effort matters. Winning is just an extra.”

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