“Murphy’s Law”

This morning, i discovered i had gone through all of my “Murphy’s Law” desk calendar archives — there were a number of years i did not paste any of them; now, i regret that. i decided i will go through them one more time before quitting this effort. It occurred to me i wanted my grandson to have access to them when he gets into the world of business, whatever that might be. So for one more time, here are entries from my “Murphy’s Law” desk calendar archives thanks to Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Pipey, and cousin Nancy:

Lefty Gomez’s Law: If you don’t throw it, they can’t hit it.

Goofy guy’s apologia of Lefty Gomez’s Law: Lefty was Yogi Berra before Yogi Berra. Another one of many quotes from Lefty, the Hall of Fame pitcher for the Yankees and Senators was: “One rule I had was make your best pitch and back up third base. That relay might get away and you’ve got another shot at him.” 

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