Time for an Honor

i’m sitting in Forest Hills overlooking Golden Gate Park and San Francisco. Surprisingly, it is foggy (just kidding about “surprisingly”).

As is my custom, i awoke early, around 5:00 a.m. i’m the only one of the folks in the Hicks’ lovely abode on the hill (what else? Folks, this is San Francisco) who is awake. i’ve completed my morning ablution, made coffee, and sat down in front of this machine rather than doing some stretching exercises i should be doing, vowed to do them later, and forget about stretching well before noon.

The coffee, as is everything in the kitchen of one marvelous Maren Hicks, is really good.

And i am happy. No, i am really excited.

i recently learned some great news about my mother, Estelle Prichard Jewell. i have waited until a couple of news media cleared me announcing it here. They said “okay, but keep it basic.”

So basic it is, at least as basic as old never-write-one-word-when-four-paragraphs-(most of which has nothing to do with the word)-can-be-more-confusing.

The Vanderbilt Women’s Basketball team will honor my mother for her basketball performances at Lebanon High School from 1932 to 1935. i will leave most of the particulars for later. However, she held the Blue Devilette records for points scored in a single game and a season for over a quarter of a century and was one of the inaugural inductees into the Lebanon High School Sports Hall of Fame.

The honors will be made at the Vandy-Tennessee women’s basketball game Sunday, February 3, 2019 in Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gymnasium.

The way it happened, the connections, the memories are bouncing around in my head like a steel ball in a pinball machine gone bonkers. i’m keeping it basic for now but will revisit all of that later.

For now, i wanted to let folks know who might not ordinarily read Vanderbilt’s press releases or The Lebanon Democrat’s newspaper early in order for family and friends who might like to attend — after all, that bunch pretty much covers the entire U.S.A. — early enough for  them to get there.

Estelle (left) with her sisters Evelyn and Bettye Kate, 1921.

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