The Way It Should Be for the Little Guy

When i was playing baseball three nights a week and on Sunday afternoon (oh, about seventy years ago), and playing fast pitch softball another two nights in those summer months quite a while ago, the bat i chose to use was a Louisville Slugger Nellie Fox model, 32 inch length. It had a thick handle, comfortable for me but likely keeping me from hitting for power. i was fine with that as i hit well for the level of my competition.

Nellie was a hero of mine. i wanted to be the greatest third baseman in the history of the game, but second base is where i should have played, which i finally did when i was 46 in the over-30 ADABA (American Adult Baseball Association) when a shoulder injury made me a liability at third or behind the plate. Bill Mazeroski will always be an all time hero for me because of his dramatic home run that beat the Yanks in the ’60 World Series, wheen even though i worshipped Roberto Clemente, Don Hoak at third was my  favorite Pirate.

Then there was Joe Morgan. There is a different level. Tim Kurkjian in an ESPN post, pretty well covered the greatness of Joe Morgan: 

Rest in Peace, Joe.

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