No Crazies for Me

Yesterday, Judy Gray posted on Facebook about wanting peace in this time of angry. i responded with a comment and told her i might use my comment in a post. That comment is below. At the end of my comment, i realized where i am in the midst of vile craziness in nearly all aspects of our public life. Earlier i wrestled with making comments on some negative thoughts expressed by others. i had a long talk with my brother Joe about how i was feeling, and he helped me greatly. I feel free and the crazies can carry on with their hate without me. Thanks, Joe, and Judy.

We have chosen, as a country, to demonize each other and what it can lead to is frightening. i was going to write a post about fanatic LA sports fans when they sent death threats to Daniel Green after he missed a game-winning three point shot, but then they looted and burned in common sense defying hordes to celebrate the Lakers winning a meaningless championship. But then i realized it wasn’t just LA and sports. It was the country. I am exactly three months from 77. i am checking out of politics, news, any mention of any of those on this social medium, and have considered finding 40 acres with a small cabin in the middle, removed from our uncivilized civilization either in Wyoming, Utah, the Smokies, or a Tennessee lake (if there are anymore of them not populated enough to consider remote) and spend my days reading, writing, exercising, doing the chores…you know, a simple life. But i have a wife, two daughters, a son-in-law, a grandson, and friends i cannot leave…and golf, of course, my terrible golf. So i’ll stay but leave as much of this hate and demonization to those not civilized.

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  1. I found a beautiful cabin on a lake near the Nanahala River in the Smoky Mountains to rent! Is your birthday January 20th? The important things in life.

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