The Schoultz’s Trip

Bob posted this on the second of July. i knew it would take me a while to study and therefore put it off until today.

i met Bob and Mary Anne through our mutual friends, Pete and Nancy Toennies. The two boys are retired Navy SEAL captains. Bob has joined our FMG (Friday Morning Golf) group, and we are glad to have him.

i could go on and on about both of the Schoultz’s. They are an impressive, congenial, and very intelligent twosome. i enjoy their company.

This is Bob’s comments on the impressive trip he and Mary Anne took for the 75th D-Day anniversary. He added Mary Anne’s comments, which add a great deal to the post. Both of them so well capture their trip and the sacrifice and heroism of our heroes. It remains an incredible feat which turned the tide of history.

Thanks, Bob and Mary Anne.

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