Thanks, Sean of the South

Man, i’ve seen it before, heard it before, looked over it before, just like most of us: digging into the day to day trials, wondering why me? forgetting why, forgetting what i have buried underneath the pile of worries in the quest for success, money, security, running from this devil of world inhumanity, greed, and all of that political, religious, racial, cultural, national, international stuff that can make you sick to your stomach if you think about the cruelty of all of it too long. As i age, health, medical issues, dying of others and of course me add on to the pile burying simple things i forget.

Then along comes Judy Lewis Gray (who will always be Judy Lewis to me) who sends me this link (how long? ’bout six months ago, maybe even a year) to a guy who calls himself some hokey title of “Sean of the South” (like “Son of the South,” you get it, right?). But it was Judy who sent it, so i read it, and i like it. Then, she sends me another. And i read that one too. So then i sign up and every day i read it. Usually makes me feel good. That’s why it’s in my early morning routine. Need to feel good. Some of it is a little bit, just a little bit too much down home Southern, but it still feels good. After all, i’m from just a little bit north of Sean’s traipsing grounds.

And once in a while, Sean makes me stop and think about what’s important, lets me quit thinking about all the problems out there that beat me down, make me sad.

Like today, others have written it, sang it, said it before. But good ole Sean puts it right up there in my fact. And he’s right.

Life is beautiful.

Thanks, Sean…and Judy.

The Country


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Sean of the South

  1. You are both great reading and inspirational.. THANKS. Keeping working daily at 78 as a financial advisor and feeling you are helping client families you have worked with for 54 years is a good feeling. My firm and staff make it interesting every day. They are important to me and I feel they need me also. Keep your writing going Jim..It is important.

  2. Howard Humphreys nailed it. And there’re a lot of us who need that unique blend of days of o’er and contemporary a reminder that we can learn things from the good old ways. Bless

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