Taking a Stand

i am breaking a number of my vows here.

But the below link to an opinion piece struck me hard in an area where i devoted a good chunk of my life.

And i don’t care which side of the aisle you are on, what else is important to you. i may agree or disagree with you because, in my opinion, all blocs of the political spectrum have lost common sense. If somehow beyond my imagination at this time, the Republicans were to put someone else on the presidential ballot beside the present one, then i would have a difficult decision about how to cast my vote. i see positive and negative on the positions of both parties.

But this NBC piece pretty well sums up my opinion of our current “Commander In Chief.” He is is disgrace in this role. Jeff McClausen perfectly describes the situation.

Now i’m not trying to convince anyone as to how they should vote based on Trump’s behavior with the military. But if you are voting for someone who understands an effective relationship between the military and the country as  prescribed for our founding fathers, you have lost your mind if you vote for this president, who is clueless about the crucial relationship between our military and the civilian government of our great country.


3 thoughts on “Taking a Stand

  1. good article,Jim. I can see why this ruffled your feathers. I’d like to see the other side’s response. Come November- Biden must be your man. Did you write this strongly of a response with Obama and HRC on Benghazi? Spying and the political attempted take down of Trump? HRC emails? I don’t remember seeing those.
    I like your folksy articles on days of yore. You get political, and it looks like we are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

  2. Not military, but the article is right on. Seems Mr. Cook has drunk the “poison”.
    How much time did the Republicans spend on Benghazi: years, and proved nothing. “Political attempt”, it was his people testifying and covering up his own words. If we don’t get this virous under control, November will be a real test of our democracy.

  3. I would like to comment but i cannot. Harsh would not begin to explain my opinion of trump and his right wing leanings toward a “white” America.

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