Something Different During the Pestilence

This is just an idea to share.

We tried it out. Maureen claims it was her idea. i claim it was mine. But it really doesn’t matter. Tonight, we pulled it off, with the help of our friends, Pete and Nancy Toennies, their daughter Kim, her fiance Jamie, and especially Sarah who performed magic tricks in the setup and kept the old Jewell folks safely physically distant during the pickups.

In these trying times, we are trying to support our favorite local eateries. This led to a take out from one of the coolest dining experiences in the world, the Wine Vault & Bistro for Maureen’s in shelter  birthday dinner two weeks ago. That precipitated (this is where the argument begins) one of us suggesting we could do a virtual dining experience with friends while sequestered.

We set it up: Facetime to airplay on the computer. Picking up the orders from our magic place.

And for two hours plus, we dined with our friends virtually. No, it wasn’t like being there, but it was damn close.

We shared the asparagus soup, “bisque is made with asparagus, zucchini, onion, garlic and a small amount of potato), the unbelievable “rustic quiche with spinach,” the incredible beef osso buco with saffron couscous and pine nut gremolata, a dessert of  their dark chocolate mousse with raspberries. All with a bottle of their suggested wines.

We turned the TV on airtime, connected via Facetime, and it was pretty close to the real thing. We had a great evening.

And i am hoping we take Maureen’s original idea (according to her) and expand it to others.

More importantly, if you are feeling a bit lonely, a bit blue, you might want to try it with some of your friends.

We will be happy to figure it out if you would like to do it with us.

And i hope you are safe and sane.

1 thought on “Something Different During the Pestilence

  1. Hi Jim,
    I’m just so frustrated with the handling of this virus situation. I’ve been in self-quarantine since 3/12. Doctors orders. There, done with my soap box.
    Yes, this Zoom program is great. We just had a family Zoom with Mark’s family.
    Tell Mo and Sarah, Hello!

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