spate of spam

i am going through my files and finding some things i started under “ip” for “in progress.” i usually find they are no longer pertinent and simply delete them, but occasionally, i find one i like. This is one from 2009 i began then set aside. i added the last few lines today.

i do not like this spate of spam
received regardless of who i am
which arrives each day
by facebook post or in my email;
nor do i like these political posts
even if i agree
political posts are one-sided, mean
absolutely not for me
i’m tired such stuff
but i don’t know what to do
‘cause i like the social stuff
with friends i share;
i would say “knock it off”
but that doesn’t work
for folks who have their own agenda
without regard for friends who don’t.

so what’s a fellow to do?

2 thoughts on “spate of spam

  1. I’m one of the guilty ones but I can’t be silent. You can just delete my posts, if you like. It helps to have your posts…which are thoughtful and kind and sentimental , they help lift the sadness I see in the world today. Thanks for YOUR writings and posting….sorry mine are not uplifting.

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