Mea Culpa, Maureen

This is a short post. i just want to be sure all who read my stuff here knows when i throw my little darts at Maureen, they are in jest, tongue-in-cheek, especially when it comes to our home.

This house, outside and inside, is the way it is through Maureen’s efforts. It is both beautiful and comfortable. Her vision of how it is and how it should be in the future is what makes it both beautiful and comfortable. She has allowed me to keep things that are dear, and many of the things i brought into this union are in prominent places throughout our home. She listens to me before rejecting my ideas because my ideas don’t fit her vision, and my vision belongs in a bachelor’s cabin in the mountains or beside a lake…or in a stateroom on a Navy steam ship.

And every day, actually two or three times a day, i look around and find myself amazed that i’m living in such a wonderful place.

So please don’t take my knocks on all my stuff being in the garage. A lot of it is out there, but i like it there.

Mea culpa, Maureen, and thanks.

1 thought on “Mea Culpa, Maureen

  1. My goodness, after three decades of wedded bliss I would think that you were well beyond meat culpas. You and I know that for all of her adult life she has personally and professionally been deeply involved in the design field so were I found in the same predicaments I would also yield to her judgement and be happy for being out from under the responsibility.☺️

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