Last Dance

i’m back…about half-a…, er, at least partially. As with all things computer, it didn’t go…, no hasn’t gone as advertised. The promised restoration of programs, etc. really didn’t exist, and, of course, nearly all of my passwords were saved in an internet security program.

So it’s gonna be a good while before i am functioning on all four cylinders…well, i’ll admit it’s probably more like three out of four cylinders since i’ve been operating without a full set of carburetors for several years.

And this, for me, is the last dance. i’m planning on this being my last computer. i have already shunned pads and their counterparts; and Alexis, Echo, and other talking machines, stationary robots. i think kindles and their like are wonderful, effective, practical, but sorry, tried it, and i want a book in my hands when i read. i don’t tweet, well, not on a machine. Old school.

For me, ten years of this new fangled machine will have me knocking on the door of 87, and even if i’m still coherent — oops, another bad description as there are those who would question my current degree of coherency — i will likely be dialing back on just about everything.

It’s my last dance with computers.

And my car, one of my favorites of all time, perhaps only topped bay my two Mazda Rx7’s, the pride of a crazy thirty-something Navy commander and those cars that elicit great memories like the ’59 Vauxhall i stole from my sister Martha, may be my last automobile dance although i suspect i will run it into the ground and require one more ticket for the last dance. It will either be another standard transmission or a self-driving thingie.

Of course, all of this really means you have to put up with me again on the web and on the highways. For almost a week, i have been quiet, at least in most means by which i am never quiet.

Time to reminisce.

1 thought on “Last Dance

  1. I love books! I must admit though, i also love my NOOK. I sometimes read two or three books at a time. My NOOK makes it convenient to carry all three in one place. I take it to the doctor’s office where there is always a wait, or to the bank where i sit and wait in the car. Sometimes i have to wait at the pharmacy or grocery store and again it’s convenient.

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