Happy Birthday, just like an older sister

You might say i’ve known her for a while.

She remains more like a sister than a cousin.

i could write volumes but i will just say, i was the first guest where she prepared dinner in her new Florida home back in 1961.

She’s special.

There were many pictures of us with her brother Jon in 1944-45 when their father was on a minesweeper out of Charleston, South Carolina, and mine was in the Southwest Pacific islands. This one was in the summer of ’45 i think.

Happy Birthday, Nancy. You are one special person. Tell Bill, i said to give you a big hug and a special day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, just like an older sister

  1. It was a progressive dinner. One course at a time. Oh those memories. I have gotten better with age but alas I am back to one course at a time.

  2. All I have are cousins that were and are like siblings for me. Very special relationships indeed. Glad you are up and running with your computer again! Missed your previous posts, not back on track. Still in Ooltewah taking in the humid summers and listing to the sekatas (sp?)at night.

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