Joy and Hope

My grandson, Sam Gander, turns eleven today. ‘Nuff said.

i stole this from his mother’s FB page.

joy and hope
came upon me
eleven years ago
right after a flight
to austin, texas
a quick ride
to the hospital
where i ran head first
into joy and hope;

he was a tiny thing then,
holding more joy and hope
than pretty much the world combined:
Samuel James Jewell Gander,
named perfectly after my father in the middle,
giving all of us
joy and hope;
unification really
of a family, nuclear as it was,
then with joy and hope;

through the years,
he continues to bring
joy and hope
growing into manhood
as we gasp and wonder
as he teaches us anew
joy and hope;

Eleven. Sam.
there will be rocks in the road ahead;
you are headed into the adult world
joy and hope takes on self-interest,
joy and hope will sometimes fade
but now at eleven,
you continue to hold
joy and hope for me

you, at eleven, moving onward
shall experience glorious things,
yes, and precious things,
and some not so
glorious and precious,
you will succeed
if you retain
the joy and hope
you continue to give
to us.


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