Jiggety Jig


i’m going home. Maureen and i were planning grandiose trips to many places to see many family and friends. Then…well, you know, 2020 knocked the hell out of us. So we are restarting by going home.

There are about, oh, forty-leben folks i want to see. But this is the first excursion. Designed for both of us to get away. First shot.

Tomorrow, we will take flight on one of those silver birds and spend about four days in Lebanon, including seeing some folks in Nashville. On to Chattanooga, we will spend two days with my sister and the grand group of grandkids. Next stop will be Atlanta, both for seeing long time friends and give Maureen a taste of a place she saw for about a day when she was interviewing for a stewardess job — yeh, it was long ago enough they were not flight attendants. Then to Asheville, we will go: a place neither of us has ever been for a couple of more days before driving back to Nashville and our flight home.

Thirteen days. Not enough time to see all whom we wish to see.

i just want all of you folks back home, if i don’t see you this time, i will the next. i apologize for not doing it this time, but our time there will be preciously short.

i’ll be back.

Jiggety jig.

3 thoughts on “Jiggety Jig

  1. Have a great trip! Susan, our son, Scott, and our Alaskan Husky, Carolina just got back to Texarkana after spending the weekend with brothers and their families in Hendersonville. They had a great family time together, of course. Time with family and friends is to be treasured, worth far more than any other treasure.

  2. Hope you have a carefree trip. We live in Dahlonega, picturesque town near Atlanta to the northeast and toward Asheville if you want to meet. We will ourselves be on a one week trip beginning June 10 to help our oldest daughter celebrate her 50th birthday. Big deal since we have not travelled farther than Atlanta or Athens in 3 yrs.

  3. Have a safe trip and enjoy the sites. Hope you see everyone on your list. Hugs to you both. Evelyn

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