A Place i Would Like to Dine

We are traveling in the South. It is a trip for us, just for us by us really: a few friends around home, Lebanon and Nashville, not enough; sister Martha and her wonderful gaggle of good folks, good children, on Signal Mountain; a few sites of interest, old and new. i am writing a long post, probably a two or three part series about the trip. They will be posted (if i actually finish them) after we get home.

We are just over halfway through. The trip is planned, set by the master planner, Maureen. She is much more detailed than i, and many of my unplanned trips are gosh and by golly, frequently turning out better than expected but also with some major turns downhill.

If i were the planner. i might take a detour to Drexel & Honeybee’s Donations Only Restaurant in Brewton, Alabama, but it is about four hours of driving and southeast of Atlanta, the opposite direction of where we will be heading tomorrow. But if i could, i would have a meal at Drexel’s and Honeybee’s. i would “donate” at least $500 for my repast.

It would be worth it.

Thanks, Sean.


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