the morning light sprayed
streams from over Mount Miguel;
all was quiet
at the top of the middle juniper
bordering our neighbor’s yard
a crow i wished was a raven
because of Poe,
cawed, thrusting his head up
as if he were praying
to the heavens
was listening for a reply,
which came from somewhere,
perhaps a nearby tree;
the conversation continued,
caws back and forth
until after the sun had cleared
the mount to the east
the sky, those heavens
to which the crow prayed
had morphed into
a canopy of
the deepest pure blue
without a blemish of cloud
the crow or any creature
had ever seen,
which may have been
to whom the crow prayed.

1 thought on “Crow

  1. This is a reply to your post on Hymns. Today at church we sang 2 of the songs you mentioned. “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” and “In the Garden”. What a coincidence!

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