Beardette postscript

A number of folks have already responded to my post about my beardette. Some favoring the look, some not.

i did not mention in the original post, two of my motivators for trying it was 1) i am at the age where doesn’t matter what i do, i’m not going to get any prettier and i started off by not being pretty, and 2) i am too old to worry about being attractive to women even if i could magically attract them.

2 thoughts on “Beardette postscript

  1. I’ve followed your blog and column faithfully since the Democrat days, and I normally find your writings interesting, often inspiring from a veteran’s point of view. The beard column is off mark. You are in your home town for the first visit in 12 months for goodness sakes. Is the wannabe beard the most important issue you can think of? That is a conversation that I’ve found is best held with your mirror.

    I appreciate you, and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I look forward to reading your thoughts in 2019.

    P.S. Good comment about the Burger King!

  2. Doing what you want at a certain age is a privilege i partake in. As in, “Are you wearing that to the store?!” Me…….”Yes. I like it and it’s comfortable and i’m not looking for a boyfriend.” Beard or no…..go for whatever suits you (with Maureen”s permission)!

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