Baseball, a Different Perspective

No, i’m not whining as usual. i mean i could go on and on about how they keep changing the rules and making it worse.

But you know what? They will still do it, and i will still watch it although that resolve may be tested if they install the designated hitter in the National League.

But the other night, The San Diego reliever, Nabil Crismati, pitched against Astro hitter, Yuri Gurriel. The major leagues are a great representation of a game for everyone.

Yeah, there are some problems and prejudice is still there, especially among a number of low life fans.

But man, that matchup between the Astros and Padres said something to me.

Now, i’m turning off my computer and watch the recorded version of today’s game between these two clubs, so please don’t tell Maureen or me the score before tomorrow morning.

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